Monday, January 14, 2013

An Evening Prayer for peace

I will begin writing this experience with two lines written by Ravindra Nath Thakur’s

Bahe nirantar anant anand dhara
Baje asim nabh
Majhe anandi rav
Jage Anaya ravi Chandra tara

Simple translated as ‘a steam of pleasure flows in the endless universe. This sound of pleasure vibrates in the endless sky. May the sun, moon and stars exist for ever’?

I am staying with my son at Bangalore. A few days ago I met a lady. She is living in the same building as us. Her name is Mrs. Rama Roy. In my first introduction I came to know that she is a regular visitor of Ram Krishna Mission. I asked her “Why??” she said that “I go to listen to their prayer”. I did not ask her anything more. But she said “there are enormous powers in their prayer. If you come with me, you’ll feel it too.” I don’t believe in these things. I am a typical house-wife, God fearing and my whole world is limited into the boundary of my house. My thought process starts from husband and children and end up to them. But I accepted and went with her. I had two reasons. First - I wanted to explore the city and the second reason was curiosity. So I told her that I would go with her.

So, Yesterday I went to R.K.Mission (Husur) with Mrs. Roy. In the evening, at near about 5 pm we took an auto-rickshaw for Husur. She was living in Bangalore since 2001. She knows the city very well. She gave the direction to rickshaw driver. It took us 20 minutes to reach our destination. In the ashram we walked through the pathway and both the sides were blooming with flowers. Some were known to me, and some were unknown. The atmosphere was calm and quite. I felt a kind of peace inside me. The lady and I entered the hall. There were three big pictures of Swami Vivekanand, Shri Ram Krishna Paramhans and Maa Sharda in the hall. The ‘dari’ (a handmade floor spread) was spread on the floor. 50-60 people were sitting in the hall. I loved this silence but the woman near to me said “silence is not synonym of peace; peace comes from inside the soul. It cannot create, but a prayer gives you a little peace for a few moments”.

Rama Roy asked me if I had any problem with my knees then I could take a chair, but I preferred the ‘dari’. A monk came up to the mike and gave a speech - a text from Vedanta. He read the text in Sanskrit and explained in English. As the sun set, the bulbs were turned on. Two monks came with harmonium and tabla and sat down in front of the pictures. First they sang a few ‘Richas” (the Vedas hymns). The sacred Vedic sounds are healing music to our ears. Then they sang prayers to the Almighty and followed by Bengali songs. These songs are dedicated to Mother Goddess.
I was engrossed in the music.

7:30 we returned home. We were not talking with each other because we both did not want to come out of the vibe of that prayer.

Yesterday night I could sleep at least 5 hours. Past 6-7 months I am suffering in sleep disorder problem. May be I am insomniac. Prayer blessed me with one night sleep.


  1. If we see prayer as something related to god then you might not fully get the essence of prayer. According to me, prayers are just ways to connect with your inner self. That may be the reason that after attending the prayer you could find some inner peace and have a sound sleep. :)

    1. you are right....this is my experience...